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Welcome Message

BUENAS, HAFA ADAI yan bienbenida para i nuebo na Guam Bar Association website! I Guam Bar Association ma kumplasi mas ki kuatro siento benti sinko na’ miembros siha. Man magof ham para bai en ofresi esti i nuebo na website para infotmation para i man miembros yan kontodu i ti man miembros siha pot i iyot-ta Bar yan legat na communidat. In a’atan mona para ta na lamaolek esti na website para benefision i miembros siha yan para ta na’i i publiko mas chaddek na manera para hu ma atan pot legat setbisio yan infotmation.

Para ayu siha ni esta man hi hita gi legat na’ communidat, ola-ha’ mohon ya in setda’ ayudante i man gaigue guine siha na’ infotmasion pot lokat na’ sinisedi siha yan palo otro siha na sinisedi para i praktikan pot lai giya Guam. Para ayu siha ni man nuebo giya Guam pat ti ma gof tungo pot i legat na setbisio siha guini, ola-ha’ mohon ya enseda’ esti i mangai-gue guine ayudante ni intoduktion i Bar Association yan i man dedikasion na abogados yan otro siha na legat profisots ni sumes-setbe i kommunidat-ta.

Ta’lo, in kombibida hamyo ya kontat gi finu mame Guam, “Hafa Adai“.


WELCOME to the new Guam Bar Association website! The Guam Bar Association is made up of more than 425 active and inactive members. We proudly offer this new website as a resource of information for members and non-members alike about our Bar and our legal community. We look forward to developing and improving this site to benefit our members and to provide the public with easier access to legal services and information.


For those already part of our legal community, we hope this site will help keep you informed of local events and issues relevant to the practice of law in Guam. For those new to Guam or just unfamiliar with the legal services available here, we hope this site will serve as a warm introduction to our Bar Association and the dedicated lawyers, jurists, and other legal professionals who serve our community.

Again welcome, and as we say here in Guam, “Hafa Adai!